Pet Circus - Ottawa's most established pet store location.

Downtown Ottawa's most complete full line pet store to serve all your pet's needs! We are also Ottawa's most established pet store having been in the same location for almost 40 years!

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Photo posted on: 21st Nov, 2014

Just received 60 CASES of WELLNESS Canned Cat Food. Buy 4 cans, get 1 FREE !! (or 20% off / case).

Photo posted on: 21st Nov, 2014

BACK IN STOCK! Canadian Odor Control Products. Environmentally friendly, this stuff works, and smells amazing!

Photo posted on: 13th Nov, 2014

Check out our new Dog "Barkery" !

Photo posted on: 11th Nov, 2014

Now in Stock! Exo Terra Habisphere. Exo Terra Habisphere is a compact and aesthetically pleasing glass terrarium designed for desktops or countertops. Habisphere features a curved front window that allows an enhanced view of the terrarium setup and its inhabitants. The unit has an integrated, energy-efficient Day and Night light that's controlled by a simple touch button. It also has a top lid for easy access to your pet and a removable back panel for convenient maintenance. Habisphere comes with a stunning natural photographic background, but if you prefer, you can also install a customized background from your own photo collection or download one from Key Features : Stylish and compact design Contemporary centrepiece for homes or offices Unique curved front window provides an exceptional viewing experience Easy to install and maintain Energy-efficient Day and Night LED lighting Ideal for smaller ground-dwelling animals such as geckos, frogs, invertebrates and snakes

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