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Shameea Arts shared a photo - Garrus is exploring his new home. Super excited to have our new baby home.

Amy Campbell shared a photo - We brought Penelope home from Pet Circus and into our little family 3 months ago. She's super sweet, so much so that she's helped some of our friends get over their fear of snakes (despite her size, haha.) She now measures roughly 3'10". Thanks, Pet Circus. ❤

Pet Circus shared a photo - SUPER SPECIAL !! While Supplies last. Medium (12.5Litre) Carefresh Custom Bedding..10.99 ea. !!

Rob Chambers shared a photo - newest member to my family, Clyde:) He is a rhinoceros beetle (Dynastes hercules lichyi) safe at home now in the exo-terra terrarium i got from pet circus! Thanks again!!!

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